Album cover for Igorrr's Spirituality and Distortion

I recently reviewed the recently-released Igorrr album, ‘Spirituality and Distortion’ for The Progressive Aspect. Read a snippet below.

Incongruous, innovative, insane. Three words that sum up French experimental/avant-garde metal act Igorrr to a tee, and their latest release, Spirituality and Distortion, sits comfortably within that description too.

This is my first album review for TPA, but that aside, it is a little difficult to review this album as it is not easy listening. By definition, nothing Igorrr do ever is, even their lyrics are penned in a constructed language called ‘Öxxö Xööx’ (Öxxö Xööx being a musical project that Igorrr’s composer Gautier Serre has also been involved in – you can find a glossary and dictionary of the language here).

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